Corniola Wines, established in 1996, was born out of the deep passion for wine shared by Vince and Lucy Corniola.

Vince’s connection to wine runs deep in his veins, inherited from his winemaker grandfather, Antonio. The knowledge and love for the craft were passed down from generation to generation, fuelling Vince’s drive to create exceptional wines.

As young immigrants from Italy, Vince and Lucy embarked on a new adventure in Australia, seeking new opportunities. They spent 27 successful years running a beloved restaurant in Carlton. However, their true calling beckoned them towards the world of winemaking.

Corniola Winery Yarra Valley

In 2008, Vince and Lucy finally realised their cherished dream when they acquired a picturesque 10-acre vineyard. Nestled on a north-facing slope, the vineyard offers breathtaking views of the rolling landscape. It became the perfect canvas for their winemaking ambitions, as they could now produce wines using their very own grapes.

Corniola Wines takes pride in crafting their wines from low-yielding estate-grown fruit, as well as carefully selected vineyards. Their primary focus lies in creating premium, high-quality wines that remain affordable. Each bottle is a testament to Vince and Lucy’s unwavering commitment to their craft and their enduring love for the art of winemaking.